Youtube converter to iphone for mac

Airy integrates with your browser for effortless downloading, supports 3GP and MP3 as well as the familiar MP4, supports up to 8K ultra HD resolutions if available and can automatically download entire playlists and even channels. It also preserves the subtitles of captioned videos, which is a nice touch.

Free YouTube Converter for iPhone

You can use iTube Downloader 6 free for one day, after which you'll need to buy a license. Payments renew automatically via credit card or PayPal. This YouTube video downloader is online-only, and runs in Safari or any other browser. The site also blasts you with redirects urging you to download Flash Player updates every time you click on anything.

How to rip and save audio from YouTube videos with your iPhone | Cult of Mac

However, while these issues are annoying the core functionality of Clipconverter is very good: Just watch out for those redirects. Then, just drag the line containing number 18 up to the top, replacing This sets the priority order for the download when it picks a video format and size. Danialenotdan explains:. At the end of the workflow, delete the Quick Look action, and then drag in three new actions:. Tap in the Name field, then tap on the Workflow Input token in the row above the keyboard.

The best YouTube downloader for Mac 2018: grab and convert clips in seconds

In this case, the Workflow Input is the YouTube page. We will extract the video title from this. This takes the video file and converts it to an audio file. You can choose the format, and other options, depending on whether you pick MP3 or M4A. YouTube videos have their audio in M4A, so this is a good option. If you prefer MP3, it may take a little longer.

How To Get FREE Music to your Apple Music Library

Here, we choose where to save the resulting audio file. My workflow uses iCloud Drive.

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You can also have the action ask for a destination every time you run it. The important part here is to tap the Destination Path field, then tap the Set Name token in the row above the keyboard.

Free YouTube downloader on Mac and Windows

This is the token or variable we created earlier. Then, tap this token again, and choose from the following options:.

Now, tap Done. The workflow will crank through its steps and place the resulting audio file in your destination of choice. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari. Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals].

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